A New Way 2 401k

Month: October 2015

  • Large Plans Should Be Bundled? That’s Crazy Talk

    The 401k Industry is wrong about thinking bundled is the way to go for large plans. Let me explain why they have this whole thing backwards. Bundled is better for large plans has been this weird and accepted perspective for way too long. Even my close friends that work in the industry for mutual fund […]

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  • Cold Calling Sucks

    Cold Calling Sucks

    Retirement Plan Advisors want to know what to say when calling down a prospect list of 401k plans, how do they turn their cold calling efforts into successful meeting opportunities? Try this: Go through your normal introductions, but please try not to sound like some nervous stiff that is locked in a cubicle or some […]

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  • TPAs Think They are So Smart: PART 2

    I recently had an in-depth conversation with a very respected industry professional with a specific expertise in Third Party Administrators. He will remain nameless but one of his comments to me really stuck out. He said, “I hate sh*tty TPAs!”. Now, you have probably already concluded that this guy is a bit of an industry […]

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