A New Way 2 401k

6 Ways 2 Be a Stronger Plan Advisor

Retirement Plan Advisors for years have been asking my firm (Plan Design Consultants, Inc.) if we could somehow provide them consistent access to 401k news, updates, current trends, white papers, etc. They want these things so they can drip them on their Plan Sponsor prospects. This strategy keeps Advisors “front of mind” with their prospects and shows evidence of a commitment to this specialized area of Financial Services.

In the past Advisors and Social Media went together like a plugged in toaster and a bathtub full of water, but that has changed now for the better. How cool is it to live in the modern world of social media? (that’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer) If you know the right accounts to follow an unlimited and free-flowing supply of quality content can be accessed on a daily basis. The good news is……. I have already done some of the legwork for you, follow the 6 twitter accounts below and you will get a steady supply of A+ 401k drippable (I made that word up) nuggets!
ASPPA—the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries—is the premier national organization for career retirement plan professionals. This account dishes out a ton of great stuff and a wide variety of subject matter.
CEO of Pension Resources Institute, delivering competitive & compliant solutions for retirement plans and service providers. This guy is an ERISA Stud and his account delivers tons of valuable tweets.
He doesn’t post with a modern day frequency, but he is still “Da Man” so he is a must follow to pick up on quality content. C’mom dude it’s Fred Reish, he’s a legend.
The National Association of Plan Advisors was created by and for retirement plan advisors. Some of the most creative and entertaining stuff coming from this account.
Chris Carosa and @fiduciarynews delivers a steady flow of solid information. Consistent account that is no BS! One of my favorites.
Great magazine and equally valuable twitter account. Follow this one.
@401kplandesign & @retireholiks
Okay these are just self promotion and not really in my top 6. Is it bad that my own company’s twitter accounts don’t make my Top 6 list? (Don’t answer that)

After you have had your fill of 401k tweets, it’s time to sit down with a cold beer and learn some retirement plan insights from the hit show Retirehoil(k)s (well its not really a hit show…but that sounded good). You can check it out at http://www.retireholiks.com.

Join us this Friday March 25th at 12-1pm PST to watch a live stream of the filming of Episode 9 on Periscope account @retireholiks or by watching on our home page at http://www.retireholiks.com
Setting up a Periscope account will allow you to interact with the show as we film.



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