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401(k) Shipwreck

Email-advertisement blasts about the Safe Harbor deadline are littering my inbox. Usually these emails are accompanied by some picture of a Ship or Harbor or something equally lame and lacking creativity. The email-advertisement is intended for Plan Advisors and as a reminder for them to think of their new plan start-up prospects. The October 1st deadline helps them create a sense of urgency with statements like:

“Deadline to start a new safe harbor plan is fast approaching” or

“The Safe Harbor Window is closing” or

“Time is running out for your clients”

Well, my firm Plan Design Consultants is guilty of the same inbox cluttering strategy.  My Sales Director Chad Johansen recently sent out our very own Safe Harbor email-advertisement. It should be noted that Chad tried to spice it up a bit, well…Chad is pretty damn nerdy so I am not sure “spice it up” is the right term, lets just say he attempted to add some value. In the blast itself he shared that his curiosity had lead him to research the origins of the term “Safe Harbor” and then further cemented his nerdiness to claim that what he found was “kind of cool.” It really wasn’t that cool as it was just the simple fact that ships and their captains found safety in harbors. Ha! Wow! Earth Shattering Information Chadwick! Then in an attempt to join the prestigious ranks of Steve Urkel and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory he connected the dots between Ship Captains and Business Owners, how navigating treacherous waters is like complying with ERISA, etc. Hahahaha...401(k) NERD ALERT!

After blasting the above referenced email-advertisement it was decided that I should supplement with a Safe Harbor Deadline related blog post. Which is the literary gem you are reading right now. So, in the spirit of Selling Season:

The following should be read out loud in an agitated, heightened, salesy voice “Don’t forget kids! the Safe Harbor deadline for new plans is fast approaching, the window is closing, the clock is ticking, time is running out, you must act now.  If you have a prospect or client that would benefit from installing a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan…then call your good friends at Plan Design Consultants…we would love to help you out. The first 100 callers that bring us a new Safe Harbor client will get a free Retireholi(k)s bottle cap opener. Sale! Sale! Sale!” Direct message me or contact the nerd himself at sales@plandesign.com

Chad’s cheesy email-advertisement language is below for your reference. Are you as nerdy as him and find the origins of Safe Harbor fascinating? Do you think I am a dick for ripping on him? Are you tired of your inbox being overwhelmed with Financial Services advertisements?  Or do you use one of those fancy email screening tools so you never see the darn things anyways?

It should be noted that I absolutely love and worship Mr. Chad Johansen. Proud and lucky to have him leading PDC and supporting Advisors the way he does. #nerdswillruletheworld

Chad’s Safe Harbor Deadline Email-Advertisement Blast below:

You might know me as the “401k Nerd” of Retireholi(k)s or the “set up man” from PDC, but I think I just realized that I am just a nerd…period! You see, with the Safe Harbor Deadline approaching, I became curious about where the term “Safe Harbor” comes from…see, pretty nerdy. Anyway, what I found out was kind of cool (further evidence of my nerdiness). For even the most adept sailors, traveling the seas of the world can be very dangerous and unpredictable. For a Captain to ensure the safety of both the ship, and the crew, sometimes the best option is to seek a harbor where dire conditions can be avoided. Safe Harbors were initially established as places where any ship, regardless of its origin or business, could secure certain safety in trying conditions. Are you seeing the same nerdy illustration here that I am? Your business owner clients are like ship captains, navigating the sometimes dangerous and unpredictable waters of the business world. As Advisors and TPA’s, our job is to help these Captains succeed in getting where they need to go, while keeping their businesses (ships) and their employees (crew) safe. Sometimes, this means that the best thing we can do is provide them with a Safe Harbor. A place where they can be sure that they are protected from the sometimes difficult to understand weather (regulations).

Many of your clients are searching for effective tax savings strategies and a Safe Harbor plan may be their guiding light. You can be the hero that brings them safely to harbor and keeps their hard-earned money in their pockets. The annual Safe Harbor deadline for new 401(k) plans is approaching (10/1), so it’s not too late. Give me a call or an email so we can further explore which of your clients are ready to shelter.

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