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Month: November 2018

  • 7 Step 401k Census Checklist

    7 Step 401k Census Checklist

    Something is seriously wrong with me. I’m worried. Recently, I seem to be obsessed with 401k census. This will be my second blog post in a row focusing on the almighty census. So, buckle up cause this is some exciting sh*t. No, no really…an accurate census is absolutely crucial when talking about 401k compliance and…

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  • Census & The Bundled 401k

    Census & The Bundled 401k

    It became clear to me this year in Vegas at Excel 401(k): The Advisors’ Conference that some Advisors still think that TPAs are best suited for complicated plans and bundled works just fine for the non-complicated plans. I know I am biased because I am a TPA….but hear me out. I think Advisors need to…

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