A New Way 2 401k

Forget About Social Media Content and Run Your 401k Business

What if I told you the digital branding/marketing experts are wrong and that old-school tactics are where it’s at?

Advisors tell me they feel guilty about not spending enough time improving their social media and content game. They are inundated with “experts” telling them that this is the new way, and their success depends on it.

I am here to set you free; just say no to selfie videos where you share your thoughts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Put to rest the Instagram infographics; your 73 followers will survive without them. News Alert: Plan Advisors on TikTok are as cringe as Fred Reish spittin’ raps about ERISA law (bad example, I’d love to see that).

The goal is simple, right? Find more prospects, win more business, retain the clients you have, and enjoy what you do along the way.

What’s more effective, a post on LinkedIn with 11 likes and one comment from your co-worker or good old-fashioned marketing concepts like strategic partnerships, custom emails, networking, webinars, mailings, events, email blasts, client referrals programs, etc.? For most of you, the latter will crush 100% of the time when talking about actual ROI.

Gary Vaynerchuck, the go-to mind of social media marketing, has constantly reminded his fans that not everyone is cut out for influencer success. He is right, and even if you were, you aren’t likely doing that with 401k content.

“What about 401kLadyItzoeKitces, and 401Ja(k)e?” you say.

Sure, but there are probably three or four famous industry people for any genre. Is that the goal, to be one of them? If not, that’s okay, people, because I’m telling you that you don’t have to be. Just be a phenomenal 401k pro, work on your biz model, be passionate for your clients, and evolve your service model. You know, run a good business.

I’m not saying your digital house shouldn’t be in order; it should. Get your website lookin’ dope, social media accounts should match and properly represent the company vibe.

Spend time on an impactful elevator pitch, your “why,” beautifully designed leave-behind pieces, evolving client solutions, internal operations, and creative branding. These are the tangible things that lead to real success and growth.

There are only so many hours in a day, and you’ve got to utilize them in the most effective way possible. ROI ain’t no joke, people. When allocating time and running a business, it’s a crucial metric.

You have my permission. Stop beating yourself up about not posting more content, no more feeling guilty that you don’t know how to edit a video, and release the insecurity of how crappy your blog posts are. Instead, get back to the old school tactics, the ones you understood, the ones you were good at, the ones that work.

Give the selfie button on your smartphone a much-needed rest, and instead of thinking up your next TikTok dance, you can actually work on running a better business.

You can also read this article and other 401k topics at http://www.401kspecialistmag.com

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