A New Way 2 401k

Two 401k Pros Enter, One 401k Pro Leaves

A debate style format, two 401k pros enter, one 401k pro leaves….

What if we could take a serious industry subject and handpick two thought leaders for a battle in front of a blood thirsty live chat bar?  Fuel this war of words with mandated alcohol consumption, a live scoreboard and plenty of perilous rules/traps along the way that could cost the debaters points and an unplanned rise in BAC.

Target Dates Funds have been recently slammed by critics as their allocation to bonds has not faired well in a 2022 that found stocks and bonds performing more alike than the inverse relationship we have come to expect. Leaving investors near or in retirement with shabby performance numbers…Grandma and Grandpa are not happy about this.  Managed Accounts face their own naysayers as accusations of proprietary greed, higher fees and complications around how to truly and efficiently determine the participant’s unique risk tolerance.  What is the better solution for our industry?

This week on Retireholics we debut our first spin-off show called TALLCAN TALK, where we pit two industry pros on opposite sides of a serious industry debate all the while pouring flammable alcohol on the fire.  The subject is Target Date Funds versus Managed Account Services.  Representing the Target Date Fund side is Michael Doshier an industry veteran and Senior Retirement Strategist at T. Rowe Price and on the opposite side is long time Managed Account advocate Todd Lacey of STADION/Smart USA Co. 

This will not be the typical Retireholics show.  For this RH Spin-Off we are changing the time from the typical 7:30pm(ET) to 2:00pm(ET), because who doesn’t like Day Drinking?  RobeGuy, Silent J and Nerdy Chad will not be on-screen but will join what should be our most aggressive chat bar yet.  Instead the show with focus on the debate between Michael and Todd, with yours truly playing the role of Moderator/Referee/Host. 

I will also be responsible for mopping up the blood post fight….Did I say “fight”….I meant professional debate.

TALLCAN TALK by The Retireholics

TDF vs MAS | Michael Doshier vs Todd Lacey

Thursday December 8th

11:00AM (PT) 

RSVP or Join at http://www.retireholics.com/live

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