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  • 401(k) Advisors – The New Breed

    401(k) Advisors – The New Breed

    I shouldn’t write this blog post, this is going to make some people mad…oh screw it, here is my artistic, smashed together grammatical failure and rant of the vibe I think many Financial Advisors give to the general public: “I-am-an-investment-professional-I-love-making-money-check-me-out-in-my-black(sometimes navy)suit-&-tie-look-and-my-creative-personality-showing-cufflinks-I-use-big-fancy-words-and-understand-wealth-and-wealth-creation-in-ways-you-never-will-I-steeple-my-hands-when-at-the-conference-table-golf-is-my-sport-and-I-still-think-powerpoint-is-cool-fox-news-is-my-channel-I-am-responsible-conservative-can-order-a-great-bottle-of-wine-comfortable-at-any-country-club-and-drive-a-mercedes-or-bmw-my-corner-office-has-sports-memorabilia-and-there-is-a-WSJ-in close-proximity-I-love-money–I-proudly-display-my-laser-engraved-acrylic-awards(even though every one of them is from some vendor with a sales quota)and-still-hang-one-of-those-motivational/success-quote-framed-art-poster-things-with-some-mountain-or-pole-vaulter-on-it-my-website-has-a-compass-and/or-old-people-holding-hands-walking-on-the-beach-I-wear-khakis-on-casual-fridays-and-even-tuck-my-polo-shirt-in-while-wearing-a-belt-on-the-weekends-did-I-mention-that-I-love-money?”…

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  • TPA Revenue Sharing Exposed

    TPA Revenue Sharing Exposed

    Quick Fact: My firm made over $400,000 in revenue share last year. I only share this information as I think readers appreciate a transparent peek into real world numbers and business operations. This may shock you, but as a TPA (Third Party Administrator) I really wish Revenue Sharing didn’t exist. But why would I pass…

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  • The 401k Boogie Man

    The 401k Boogie Man

    401(k) Tort Terror, 401(k) Boogie Man, Sector Pariah….these are just a few of the names used to label Jerry Schlichter. “Mr. Schlichter and his firm Schlichter Bogard & Denton have been the driving force behind many of the headline grabbing 401(k) lawsuits over the past decade. Jerry has successfully garnered multi-million dollar settlements, argued a…

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