A New Way 2 401k


J.D. Carlson was raised in the wild by a pack of 401k plan administrators and his first words were “annual defined contribution limit.”  The writings on this blog are intended to bring a different perspective to retirement plan issues and concepts.  Mr. Carlson (nobody calls him that) knows 401k inside and out, he has been involved in all areas of retirement plans from sales to day to day administration.  He is the CEO-President of Plan Design Consultants a Third Party Administration firm founded in 1975, when J.D. was four years old in 1975 he gave his father the idea of starting a TPA shop and then went on to take over the reins some 30 years later.

He is the host of the hit show RETIREHOLI(k)S, well it’s not really a hit but that sounded good.  The Retireholi(k)s Show brings together entertainment,fun and retirement plan learning.  You can find the show on youtube and at http://www.retireholiks.com  “Changing the 401k industry one beer at a time”

J.D. rarely cuts his hair, rocks a mountain man beard and lives with his wife, three kids and their four chihuahuas.

In summary, this guy knows his 401k shit!  Enjoy the Blog!

Disclaimer:  The frequency of the blog posts at http://www.four01k.com have an inverse relationship to the size of the surf in Southern California.



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