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  • Two 401k Pros Enter, One 401k Pro Leaves

    Two 401k Pros Enter, One 401k Pro Leaves

    A debate style format, two 401k pros enter, one 401k pro leaves…. What if we could take a serious industry subject and handpick two thought leaders for a battle in front of a blood thirsty live chat bar?  Fuel this war of words with mandated alcohol consumption, a live scoreboard and plenty of perilous rules/traps along…

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  • Forget About Social Media Content and Run Your 401k Business

    Forget About Social Media Content and Run Your 401k Business

    What if I told you the digital branding/marketing experts are wrong and that old-school tactics are where it’s at? Advisors tell me they feel guilty about not spending enough time improving their social media and content game. They are inundated with “experts” telling them that this is the new way, and their success depends on…

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  • A Pint with the Prez

    A Pint with the Prez

    From the Fi360 Nashville Conference Magazine – Sage Issue #1 Spring 2019 The Retireholi(k)s & Matthew Wolniewicz, AIFA President FI360 Imagine a classic pub, it’s the heart of happy hour and the place is packed with personalities of all types. Matt Wolniewicz the President of Fi360 and J.D. Carlson of The Retireholi(k)s are sitting in…

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  • 7 Step 401k Census Checklist

    7 Step 401k Census Checklist

    Something is seriously wrong with me. I’m worried. Recently, I seem to be obsessed with 401k census. This will be my second blog post in a row focusing on the almighty census. So, buckle up cause this is some exciting sh*t. No, no really…an accurate census is absolutely crucial when talking about 401k compliance and…

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  • Census & The Bundled 401k

    Census & The Bundled 401k

    It became clear to me this year in Vegas at Excel 401(k): The Advisors’ Conference that some Advisors still think that TPAs are best suited for complicated plans and bundled works just fine for the non-complicated plans. I know I am biased because I am a TPA….but hear me out. I think Advisors need to…

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  • 401(k) Shipwreck

    401(k) Shipwreck

    Email-advertisement blasts about the Safe Harbor deadline are littering my inbox. Usually these emails are accompanied by some picture of a Ship or Harbor or something equally lame and lacking creativity. The email-advertisement is intended for Plan Advisors and as a reminder for them to think of their new plan start-up prospects. The October 1st…

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  • 401(k) Advisors – The New Breed

    401(k) Advisors – The New Breed

    I shouldn’t write this blog post, this is going to make some people mad…oh screw it, here is my artistic, smashed together grammatical failure and rant of the vibe I think many Financial Advisors give to the general public: “I-am-an-investment-professional-I-love-making-money-check-me-out-in-my-black(sometimes navy)suit-&-tie-look-and-my-creative-personality-showing-cufflinks-I-use-big-fancy-words-and-understand-wealth-and-wealth-creation-in-ways-you-never-will-I-steeple-my-hands-when-at-the-conference-table-golf-is-my-sport-and-I-still-think-powerpoint-is-cool-fox-news-is-my-channel-I-am-responsible-conservative-can-order-a-great-bottle-of-wine-comfortable-at-any-country-club-and-drive-a-mercedes-or-bmw-my-corner-office-has-sports-memorabilia-and-there-is-a-WSJ-in close-proximity-I-love-money–I-proudly-display-my-laser-engraved-acrylic-awards(even though every one of them is from some vendor with a sales quota)and-still-hang-one-of-those-motivational/success-quote-framed-art-poster-things-with-some-mountain-or-pole-vaulter-on-it-my-website-has-a-compass-and/or-old-people-holding-hands-walking-on-the-beach-I-wear-khakis-on-casual-fridays-and-even-tuck-my-polo-shirt-in-while-wearing-a-belt-on-the-weekends-did-I-mention-that-I-love-money?”…

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  • TPA Revenue Sharing Exposed

    TPA Revenue Sharing Exposed

    Quick Fact: My firm made over $400,000 in revenue share last year. I only share this information as I think readers appreciate a transparent peek into real world numbers and business operations. This may shock you, but as a TPA (Third Party Administrator) I really wish Revenue Sharing didn’t exist. But why would I pass…

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  • The 401k Boogie Man

    The 401k Boogie Man

    401(k) Tort Terror, 401(k) Boogie Man, Sector Pariah….these are just a few of the names used to label Jerry Schlichter. “Mr. Schlichter and his firm Schlichter Bogard & Denton have been the driving force behind many of the headline grabbing 401(k) lawsuits over the past decade. Jerry has successfully garnered multi-million dollar settlements, argued a…

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