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Retirement Plan Advisors love volatile markets

Wow! The stock market has not been kind to the month of January 2016. Here is a News Flash for ya, the markets don’t always go up. That’s right, sometimes they are flat and believe it or not sometimes they go down. One thing I do know is that volatile or down markets create great prospecting opportunities for Retirement Plan Advisors. Plan Sponsors start to stress when markets are down, they feel their fiduciary responsibilities tightening around their neck. Even though their recordkeeping vendors and financial advisors really have nothing to do with the falling stock markets, Sponsors can’t help but to start asking themselves if they are in the right hands.

Unfortunately, a lot of Advisors choose not to be proactive with clients in times when the headlines are full of fear, bear market and crash predictions. This lack of proactivity is a huge mistake. However, if you are an Advisor looking to gain new business this is your chance to pounce. Start making those calls, sending those emails and re-establishing relationships with old prospects that once turned you down. I would argue that if you called 10 Plan Sponsors in times of market stability and got 10 uninterested “no thank yous”, if you called those same 10 Plan Sponsors in down or unstable markets you would get some very different results and snag a couple of meetings for sure.

Plan Sponsors have questions, they are fearful, they generally don’t understand what is happening and what they should do or where their responsibilities fall. If you are a Retirement Plan Advisor, now is your chance……get out there and help them. Insert plug here > We talk about this subject in detail on the soon to be released episode #8 of Retireholiks at http://www.retireholiks.com

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