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Rock Stars and Retirement Plan Professionals

I honestly believe there is a connection between an artistic Rock Star performance and building a successful retirement plan business. Let me explain…….

As I write this post I am flying on airplane from Seattle to San Francisco stuffed like a sardine between my 18 year old daughter and my 12 year old son, somehow I got picked to take the middle seat. We flew up to Seattle to watch my 14 year old daughter’s favorite band perform in concert. It is a super hipster band called ‘The 1975’ and the venue was full of teenagers and young twenty-somethings wearing a wide range of fashion styles that made me feel every bit of the 45 years old that I turned today.

The venue was right next to where the Seattle Seahawks play and sat about 7500 people. A pumping purple smoke machine camouflaged the stage from view as we all waited for the band to come out. A repetitive electronic sound pulsed for 5 minutes prior to the band starting…..it was clearly designed to build anticipation and it was even working on me (the old guy that was there just to make sure his daughter stayed safe). In an explosion of light and sound the first song kicked off and the band was rocking a hit song of theirs as the whole crowd sang along to every word. The band was lead by their charismatic lead signer Matt Healy, think young, new version of Mick Jagger or something..the guy probably weighs just over 100lbs and thats dripping wet in his skinny jeans and hipster black dress jacket. I found myself being sucked into the whole experience….I was really enjoying the whole performance of it all. Now, don’t judge me but as I watch this guy on stage following his dreams and entertaining thousands with his own “art” my brain can’t help itself as it starts to make connections to the 401k business world. Yes, I guess I am that obsessed with retirement plans to somehow be thinking how Rock Stars on stage can influence, motivate or inspire better 401k business models. hahahahaha….but it’s true!

Check out the band The 1975

What is similar between the two occupations of Rock Star and 401k Professional?

1. The expertise and commitment to craft – as I watched Matt Healy sing, play his guitar, tease the crowd of teenage girls with a well timed glance or subtle dance move. It was clear to me that he had perfected these skills over time. Hours and hours of practice brought him to this point where he could let it out on stage and capture the attention and emotion of his entire audience (old 401k guys as well as teenage fans).
The same can be true of a Retirement Plan Professional. If they are inspired and passionate about their craft it will show in their service to clients. If they practice and commit to getting better at what they do and improving their client solutions then results will follow.

2. Planning and details – The show had an amazing set and back drop that was all built on the use of projected images and active lighting design. The design mood was gritty, moody and hypnotic. The images were tied to previous album art and the overall design showed consistent reference to the band’s logo of a simple rectangle. The lighting design was timed with the beat of the music, crescendos and changes in tempo, it was just as much a part of the performance as the band themselves.
It is the little things that many times can make a difference. Let your company be your art. The design of your website, the look and feel of your business cards, the choice in attire. The way you approach meetings and calls. The summation of all of these things will be your performance, make it one you are proud of.

3. Not Afraid to Be Unique and Be Yourself – this is probably my biggest takeaway when watching a Rock Star on stage. They are one of the truest forms of an Artist. It takes a ton of courage and self confidence to pour out your art and express yourself to the world. You can see Matt Healy’s influences of Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson and other 80’s artists, but then again you can clearly see he is being 100% himself
Plan Advisors can do the same. Be fearless and put your authentic self into your work. Be uniquely you. Let your passions, your experiences, your insights, your excitement be the building blocks of your business. Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd. Worry less about people’s opinion of you and focus more on your dream of what you want to be and what you want to create.  Turn your business into your art.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
― Pablo Picasso

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